Health & Safety Vision

Komatsu Southwest continuously strives to be the industry leader in Health and Safety performance. We encourage all employees and vendors to Make Safety a Value and to believe in and own the vision of a Total Safety Culture.

Health & Safety Mission Statement

Komatsu Southwest is committed to selling, delivering and supporting its customers’ equipment in a sustainable, safe and environmentally responsible manner. We recognize that health, safety and environmental excellence are fundamental to long-term business and personal success. The employees of Komatsu Southwest  are responsible and accountable for the health and safety of all workers. Our goal is to eliminate occupational diseases and hazards by executing timely and effective occupational practices and health management systems to manage exposures in the workplace. Our management will endeavor to provide a work environment where employees and contractors can perform required work without detrimental affects to their health, safety and well-being. We will also urge the same goal at our customers’ place of business.

Our goal is always  ZERO Incidents; ZERO Harm

Komatsu Southwest follows the TRACK safety program.
To keep safety on TRACK before every job STOP and;

Think Through the Task

  • Think about each step in the task(s)
  • Permits & authorizations needed to work
  • Equipment and tools that are to be used
  • Area personnel that need to be notified

Recognize the Hazards

  • Check your work area is safe
  • Check equipment and tools are safe
  • Check energies & substances isolation
  • Check above and below for potential hazards

Assess the Risks

  • Could an injury or incident be avoided?
  • What equipment/systems could be damaged?
  • What are the likelihood and consequences?

Control the Hazards

  • Eliminate (remove the hazard)
  • Substitute (less hazardous chemicals)
  • Engineer (guards, covers, handrails)
  • Administration (JSAs, SOPs, permits, signage)
  • Correct PPE (harness, glasses, gloves)

Keep Safety First in all Tasks

  • Check for changes in work conditions (i.e., wind)
  • Monitor safety controls for effectiveness
  • If the task changes, reassess safety
  • Continually reassess work progress
  • Look after yourself and others

To ensure we work safely, we carry out these checks and questions BEFORE we start.

We ask ourselves:

Am I fit for duty?
Am I committed to working safely?
Am I alert and rested?
Am I focused on the job at hand?